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Sustainable Tree Pruning Calgary

Trees can add a beautiful visual element to any yard, and can provide vital shade to provide protection during the hot summer days. Keep your trees pruned and healthy to promote healthy growth, remove ailing limbs, and to avoid overgrowth which can block sidewalks and access points in your yard. Evergreen Lawn Services have the ISA Certified Arborists to properly shape and prune to ensure your tree stays great looking, while being mindful that they do not take too much off the tree which can cause harm and even tree death. Don't risk pruning too much, trust the experts!

Disease Removal Pruning

Does your tree appear to have black "tumors" or fungus growing on it's limbs? Did you know that many tree diseases are contagious, and your tree could impact the health of other trees on your property, as well as neighbor's trees? Don't risk the health of your or your neighbor's trees, call Calgary's ISA Certified expert Arborists at Evergreen Lawn Services to help!

Tree Pruning Safety

Some tree pruning jobs are easy if you have the right tools and know-how!  A basic trim to keep sidewalks clear or to give some head clearance in the yard is a snap, however what do you do when it';s a large tree that has branches over hanging personal property- or even worse, neighbor's property? Evergreen Lawn Services Arborists are Calgary's expert tree pruners! With safety training and equipment, they ensure all property is protected, that injuries are avoided, and the tree is kept safe as well. Contact Evergreen Lawn Services today to safely prune your trees!

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