Enjoy the benefits of healthy and shapely trees that give privacy, shade, and accent to your yard.

Pruning, Trimming & Shaping Calgary

Enhance the sustainability and beauty of your trees with ISA certified arborists offering professional pruning, trimming, and shaping services from Evergreen Lawn Services. Calgary homeowners trust Evergreen Lawn Services' ISA Certified Arborists to trim just the right amount. it's important for trees to have a healthy ratio of branches and leaves so they can sustain them with water and nutrients. While it can be tempting to trim too much if your tree is getting large or crossing property lines, it's important to remember that trees can only be trimmed so much before they become unable to recover. Not only that, pruning trees is a seasonal activity and there are legal restrictions surrounding the trimming and disposal of unwanted branches. Ask our ISA Certified team about which trees are legal to trim. Stay off ladders and keep away from the potential dangers of trimming near vehicles, structures, or safety hazards- trust the experts at Evergreen Lawn Services.

Tree Removal & Stump Grinding Calgary

While trees can be treasured features in your yard, sometimes the size, age, or health of a tree will determine that it needs to be removed. Tree removal must be done with care by ISA Certified Arborists to prevent damage to your personal property, or the property of neighbors or the City of Calgary. Evergreen Lawn Services has ISA certification and over 10 years of experience in safe tree removal, and we take care of the entire process from cutting down to stump and debris removal. So get ready for more sun, space, and an easy tree removal process from Evergreen Lawn Services.

Tree Planting Calgary

Tree planting can be a big job depending on the size you start with. Calgary's Evergreen Lawn Services has the equipment and ISA certified expertise to get your trees planted exactly where you want and in the healthiest way possible. Give your new trees the best start with Evergreen Lawn Services, and enjoy the benefits of shade, privacy, wind protection, and beauty in your Calgary yard.

Hedge Trimming & Care Calgary

Hedges provide privacy, protection, and are a great way to naturally separate property, but without ongoing, sustainable trimming they can get out of control fast! Give your home a tidy and well-kept appearance with trim and shapely hedges that will be the envy of your block. Call the ISA Certified arborists at Evergreen Lawn Services for all your hedge trimming and shaping needs in Calgary and surrounding areas.

Tree Disease, Pest Removal, & Treatment Calgary

The health of your trees is very important to their long term sustainability and appearance. Evergreen Lawn Services has the tools and ISA certified expertise to spray for leaf miners, aphids, and other insects and pests, as well as treat diseases like black knot, dutch elm disease, and more to keep your Calgary trees disease and pest free! We use only the safest and most effective products to ensure you're back to enjoying your yard in no time. Call Evergreen Lawn Services today for all your tree health needs.

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