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Soil Selection

Soil is the first building block of garden life, and knowing the best soil for your plants is key to allowing your garden to flourish! The best soil for plants to thrive in has an equal exchange of oxygen, water, and nutrients between particles. Equal exchange requires a mixture of soil particle sizes to allow flow through. Soil with a mixture of clay, sand, and silt provides moisture holding, good drainage, and allows for healthy root growth. Grow large and luscious flowers, food, and plants of all kinds with a professionally designed garden from Evergreen Lawn Services, and we'll ensure you have the ideal soil to have your garden bursting with life. 

Garden Location

Your garden's location is a key factor in healthy and flourishing life season after season! Understanding the sunlight conditions in your garden's location comes down to more than simply "full sun, partial sun, and shade" labels from garden stores- for example, on the east side of your home your plants will receive 4-5 hours of sun before they are shaded. On the west side, they'll receive the same time in the sun, but it will be a much more intense heat which leads to drying. Some plants need full sun and lots of drainage, where others need full shade, shelter, and damp yet well drained soil to achieve their potential. Talk to the experts at Evergreen Lawn Services to assist you in plant placement, care, and growing conditions to maximize your garden's beauty and health all season long.

Low Maintenance Plants

Think you've got a brown thumb? Think again! Many Calgarians are unaware of the diversity of native plants that grow well in Calgary with limited water, which makes them an environmentally friendly option while needing less care. They are built to thrive in Calgary's Chinook and Prairie zone! Some favorites include Blue Flax, Buffaloberry, Cactus, Fleabane and Prairie Crocus. Choosing native plants will ensure beautiful gardens year after year. Trust Evergreen Lawn Services to help you choose the ideal plants for your lifestyle, and impress your neighbors and friends with a colourful oasis with minimal effort.

Flowerbed Types

Knowing what flowerbed types will best suite your ideal garden plants is key to gardening success!

Learn more about Wicking Beds, Raised Beds, and Traditional Garden Beds below.

Wicking Beds

Wicking Beds are simply a larger version of self-watering pots, and use a combination of PVC pipe and weeping tile to wick moisture from the bottom of the bed upwards! But watch out, these beds are always wet at the bottom, so deep rooting plants may receive too much moisture.

​Raised Beds

Raised Beds are similar to wicking beds, but without the PVC and weeping tile- therefore regular watering is a must. This bed type is great for deep rooting plants, and since these beds are inherently warmer, they can extend your season for vegetables and flowers alike.

Raised Bed Types

  • Wood Beds warm up quickly and provide great insulating properties, however it will break down and require replacement sooner than other materials. Ensure when planting vegetables that you never use pressure treated wood! Cedar is ideal as it has no harsh chemicals.

  • Aluminum Beds warm up even faster than wood, but also cause drying faster. For vegetables and other water dependent plants, ensure that regular watering is part of your routine, or build a wicking aluminum bed.

  • Pre-cast Stone stays cool longer due to its dense nature, however it retains moisture and needs less water in the hot summer days. Pre-cast stone flower beds are perfect for flowers and vegetables. Pre-cast stone may be a higher initial investment, however the lower maintenance and longer life can save you time and money in the long run!

Traditional Ground Beds

Traditional Ground Beds make use of the existing soil in your garden, and little to no work is required to get started- however in Calgary's harsh winters, these beds can struggle to thaw, causing your season to be shorter. The green thumbed gardeners at Evergreen Lawn Services are ready to work with you to create your perfect garden, whether you enjoy maintenance or just want something simple with less attention.

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