Be the envy of your block with lush, healthy and vibrantly green grass.

Grass Cutting

Keep your beautiful green lawn healthy and neat with Evergreen Lawn Services. We cut grass in Calgary and surrounding areas for homeowners who prefer to have it done professionally so it's always in great shape, no matter how busy life gets. We cut to your preferred length, and always keep sidewalk borders square and sharp, and you're always left with a clean yard to enjoy immediately.

Organic Fertilizing and Feeding

For the greenest, softest and most luscious yard, trust the pros at Evergreen Lawn Services to feed your lawn the safest and most nutritious fertilizers. Our organic, slow-release kelp-based feed ensures your grass has all the nutrients it needs in the long run, while minimizing the need for multiple services. This saves you money and time, so call Evergreen Lawn Services today for all your organic Calgary lawn fertilizing and feeding needs.

Sod Laying

Instantly transform your yard with luxurious grass with Evergreen Lawn Services' sod laying experts. Sod laying can be tricky, it's important to ensure the soil underneath is smooth and without bumps or dips. We start with smoothing to ensure you have a even lawn, and we ensure every piece is laid to maximize the value of your new sod. Every seam must be tight, and any minor gaps must be filled and seeded with nutritious soil and seeds. Then lots of feed, water, and care will ensure your sod takes and flourishes to give you the rich lawn you envision. Call Evergreen Lawn Services in Calgary for complete sod laying service, including delivery, prep, laying, and care.

Weed Removal

Your lawn would be beautiful except for those pesky weeds... and the worst part is, your neighbors are all blaming you for weeds encroaching on their yards! Take control of your lawn with Evergreen Lawn Services! We use gentle but effective weeding techniques and sprays to ensure your lawn is weed-free, including dandelions, crabgrass, clovers and more, all season long. So be good to your grass and your neighbors- call Evergreen Lawn Services for all your weeding needs in Calgary and surrounding areas.

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