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Design & Restoration

Beatify your home and yard with inspired garden designs and restoration! Create the perfectly coordinated colour pallet or go totally wild- your garden should be a reflection of you. Whatever your vision, Evergreen Lawn Services' garden designs are making Calgary beautiful- one project at a time. Our expert team includes botanist Aaron Cull, BSc, whose passion and knowledge for flowers, shrubs, herbs, vegetables, soil, fertilizing and more are unsurpassed.

Planting, Ferilizing & Watering

Planting is an art, it takes patience, knowledge, and a little love to ensure your plant's health is at the foremost of your new garden. Our team of gardeners are experts in all areas of planting, and take the utmost care to ensure your new plants are in the ideal locations for sun or shade, watering, and the space they need. We have an eye for design and will give your garden the flow and cohesion you desire. Love the look of high maintenance gardens, but have a low maintenance lifestyle? Evergreen Lawn Services will fertilize and water your garden on an ongoing basis to ensure it's health and beauty can be enjoyed, no matter how busy life gets.

Weeding & Maintenance

Have some unwelcome invaders? Weeds can be such a pest! Save your delicate garden from these water and nutrient thieves with Evergreen Lawn Services. See why Calgary homeowners trust us to protect their precious plants- we use the safest and most gentle techniques to ensure there are no casualties... just your beautiful, weed free garden the way you imagined it!

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